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Together We...

        Own It!

It takes a village to create change, to break
cycles and to rebuild faith and trust. 
Together We Own It empowers kids to engage,
inspire and motivate one another!  Learn More.


Identify.  Self-Awareness.  Accountability.  Repair.

At Unplugged & Together We Own It we work with youth (10-13) and adolescents (14-17) to help get them discover inner strength and opportunity.  Whether they have experienced trauma physically, emotionally or mentally, our trauma-informed staff works diligently to help bridge the gap created when kids have to handle adult issues.  Our targeted youth programs help foster self-reflection, peer-to-peer discussion and positive interactions to help kids learn valuable coping mechanisms.  Our goal is to help your child overcome issues with trauma, defiance, social isolation, anxiety, and depression. 

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