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When times were simple, and dandelions were magical….

Remember growing up and playing outside on a warm sunny, spring afternoon? Close your eyes, I bet you can still smell the air and feel the breeze blowing… times were simple, and dandelions were magical.

I remember the first bouquet of flowers I gave my mom, it was a handful of dandelions, and she LOVED them! At least she acted like she loved them. She took them from me, gave me a huge hug and quickly put them in some water. She found a place where everyone could enjoy her “flowers.” I felt good. Mom felt good. It was “easy” then.

I also remember being a mom to three little kids who played outside and would come in each spring with fists full of dandelions, and just like for my mom, they were my treasures… both the dandelions and the acts of kindness from my children. Those days were simple.

As the dandelions matured, they brought more joy to both kids and adults – I bet you (at some point in your life) picked up a mature dandelion and blew it, making a wish at the same time! I sure did (and still do!) Dandelions are magical.

What do you know about the dandelion? The dandelion, that so many try to kill off in their yard and today is referred to as a weed, actually was revered once upon a time, and enjoyed. So you likely know they are great for pollinators (bees!), but did you know dandelions are actually herbs, and fully edible? Dandelions have great medicinal properties. Dandelions bring joy to children and their parents (both as gifts and wish conduits), and if you’re really interested in the full history of dandelions, you can check it out here

My point in giving you some background on dandelions is that sometimes we take the things that are always around (or people) for granted, or we lose sight of their value… what would really happen if there were no dandelions, have you given that any thought?

Today we’re all over scheduled, over connected and we often forget about the simplest thing of all, ourselves. Our well-being, our stress levels, our comforts, our relationships. While technology is an amazing contribution (and I work in tech) it can also be not so amazing. It takes us away sometimes from what is right in front of us, or things we should be paying attention to. It’s time that we start becoming the dandelion, flourish when things are difficult, fly and bring joy – for when we do for others, we do for ourselves.

Be the dandelion. When was the last time you sat in the grass, let the breeze wash over you and made a wish on a dandelion? If like many of us, it’s been a while, make a commitment to your self to do something that takes you out of your own head, even if its for a few moments. Put your calendar aside, close your laptop, turn off your phone, and make a choice to do something just for you.

Be that little girl again who goes out to pick a dandelion. Find the magic of wishing on a dandelion. What is your wish for today? What’s stopping you from wishing?

We’re getting ready to begin our fall retreat plans and looking for ideas – what would really help you to disconnect, unplug? We’d love to hear from you!

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