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Our Hands

I looked down today at my hands… they have always been one of my better features. I noticed I have several more age spots starting to appear, the plumpness is beginning to wane and even with moisturizer on they are starting to look like someone else’s hands…

Often I have said that I would fight “getting old” tooth and nail, but there are some things you just cannot help or fight. I can color the “sparkles” in my hair, and I can use sunscreen, moisturizer and foundation with all the SPF I can find, but aging will continue to march forward.

In the past I would have thought UGH I can’t believe I’m starting to “look” my age (I’ve always been told I look younger), and surely if I’m noticing these changes, others are as well… but today, instead of beating myself up about my “aging” hands, I feel grateful that I have hands that still operate as they should. They don’t have arthritis, or carpel tunnel, they still open doors and hug my kids and hold my grandkids. I’m not sure about this aging process, not sure I like the changes to my body. The one thing I do know for sure is that I control my attitude toward the process.

Control has to come from within – how I feel, act and react to the process I have to believe will make a difference. I am committed to eating healthy, I will continue to have a few glasses of wine from time to time, and I’ll be more aware of getting a work out in - semi-regularly. Overall, I’m in good health… and I am grateful.

Inside I don’t feel like I’m getting older… I’ve halted (internally) at about age 35 – it’s just the outer shell that is starting to show signs of wear. I remember many years ago asking my grandmother when I would feel like an adult – she laughed and said “I’ll let you know when I get there… she was 80.”

I think this rings true for many of us, we continue to be surprised by the person that looks back at us in the mirror every morning. We can’t imagine ourselves turning into our parents / grandparents – and then, just like that, we do.

Instead of worrying about my outer shell (I will however continue to use great products and treat my body well), I’m going to focus on the good things I have in my life - now: my overall health and strength are really good, my passion for promoting women in business and in life, and my desire to see my children grow and flourish. I will watch my grandchildren grow and enjoy each milestone alongside them.

I’m still not “giving in to aging” but I’m not sure the natural process is worth worrying over or fighting – it is, after all, inevitable. I have to think that worrying about it will only make it worse.

How have you set your intentions when it comes to “grow old”? Will you handle it gracefully, just accept “it is what it is” or will you fight it to the bitter end?

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