A Year in Reflection, 2020 ….

This has been a doozy of a year. It started with a cervical cancer scare in January, followed by eye surgery for narrow angle eye closure glaucoma in March then as if that wasn’t nearly enough, WHAM COVID-19 - April, the end of a marriage - June and let’s not forget about menopause in July…. There were some great things that happened as well to counter the bad. My son, his wife and children moved back to our home state. My daughter got married (yes, COVID style) and the end of my marriage (yes both a negative and a positive). My oldest son had his girlfriend move into his home.

I learned a lot about myself in 2020. I learned that self-care is critically important, and I finally started taking it seriously. I am working on honoring myself above others, not in a selfish manner, but in a preservation manner. I continue to be devoted to my family and my charity but if I am not well – I can’t do any of the other things I choose. Most of all, I learned it’s really okay to say no….. the world really won’t end when you do!

In 2020 I have found solace in solitude and have expanded my spiritual horizons. I’ve sought out crystal cleansing rituals, meditation before bed, taken time to listen to music that I love (loudly by the way) and took time to cook, just for me.

I found I love cooking more than I even thought I did – when the question isn’t “what’s for dinner.” I get finished work and check out what’s in the pantry – then I just “cook” and experiment. I’ve even toyed with putting a cookbook together with some of my favorite dishes as a fundraiser for my favorite cause, Together We Own It. It will feature great dinners that can be made for just one or many. What did you take time out to do in 2020? What did you learn about yourself?

On the work front I have continued to nurture my design business slowly – only taking on a few clients each quarter that I can serve well. I continue my business / executive coaching with again just a couple of clients and my day job managing a global account has kept me busy. I joined the Diversity & Inclusion leadership team and continue to drive education and information to make our company informed and leading in its diversity practices.

The end of my marriage initially felt like yet another failure. And, while it is a termination, it wasn’t another failure. I chose me over a toxic relationship and that is really empowering. I chose to put myself first. I chose not to be taken advantage of anymore. I chose to love and honor myself enough to do something about it. I am not saying it is or was easy. When you spend years with someone there’s a heartbreak that happens regardless whether it was toxic or not. How you navigate that heartbreak is what makes the difference. I chose me.

2020 came in like a firecracker and I’m encouraging it to leave quietly. I’ve decided that this New Years Eve I will stay home, alone and reflect. I want to enter 2021 clear minded and fresh. I want to build strength in myself, strength that I haven’t seen in decades. I want to grow Women Unplugged because I think there are many more women and girls out there like me…. Women that have crazy busy schedules and lives with people and things pulling them in a multitude of directions and they rarely, if ever, take time for themselves. Girls that are in school at home, maybe in unhealthy situations or relationships but don’t know how to break free from the thoughts inside their own heads.

I want to grow our engagement. I’ve set my intentions for 2021 and it’s the year of rebirth of ideas, thoughts, self-care and nurturing. It’s the year of intentionally driving the causes I believe in and that fulfill me.

I would love to hear what you’re doing to ensure 2021 is one of your best years yet! Please share on our Facebook page. Tell me what you’d like to see / hear more of, what kind of (socially distanced) retreats you would like to participate in? I’m hoping to set up monthly or quarterly Zoom sessions where we can select a topic and reflect – please check out and respond to the poll on Facebook– and most of all, participate and engage!

If you’re looking for a group where you can find inspiration, support and mentoring check out our website in full https://www.womenunplugged.org/ and our Facebook page!


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