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Ever wish you had a solid group of women you could count on? Real people who understand exactly what you’re experiencing and help you overcome challenges, in the workplace, in your personal life or just to share ideas with? Smart people who support one another because they love keeping it in the family? Honest peers who’ll tell it like it is, for your benefit?


We’re bringing you all the amazing benefits of Unplugged together - beyond our retreats, so you can stay connected, collaborate, be inspired, and continue to have access to resources for work / home / family - LIFE!


We are just getting ready to launch the Unplugged Private Facebook Group!!  Stay connected with all the amazing women in the Unplugged community – those who’ve been to a live event, networking, retreat or educational as well as those who’ve watched from the sidelines – to collaborate with one another.


Whether or not you’ve attended an Unplugged event, you’re welcome to participate in this online initiative.  Since we consider all of our Unplugged members family, joining is easy.  You can register and be an OBSERVER - for FREE!  If you want more participation, select from the membership levels that best meet your needs.


MEMBERSHIP:  It really does have its privileges!


Observer $0.00

This is a great option if you think you cannot make a commitment based on your current schedule.  This can always change, and you can upgrade your membership at any time!  


     Access to Members-Only Private Facebook Group

     Newsletters and Event Notifications (if you wish to attend events etc., you will simply pay the Observer rate for that event)


Student  $50 per year

It's never too early to start engaging and seeking women mentors.  Student access provides you with the opportunity to be paired up with a women in your field of interest, access to general public events and networking activities as well as the private facebook group and newsletters.


Engage  $150 per year

If you're ready to commit to joining other like-minded women on a journey of engaging personal and professional growth, this is the right level for you.  You will receive advance notification of events, Engage only retreats, newsletters, featured rotating positions on the website and in our newsletters.  


We're still new at this.  We saw a need and created a response.  We are VERY open to your suggestions and welcome your participation.  This is a group where EVERYONE has a voice, and it isnt based on your title, membership level or role.  


Our goal is to meet at least once each month [virtually (Zoom) and in person] do a retreat twice a year and build a community.  It's time our voices were amplified!


Are you ready to join us?




You do it all for everyone around you, but how do you recharge your batteries?


Becoming part of a true sisterhood gives us all the opportunity to engage, learn, and grow; re-energizing us to continue doing the things we have to do.


Whether you work in an entry level position or you're an executive, we all need strong women mentors.  Let's face it ladies, we live and work in a man's world.  What do we have to do not only to survive, but to thrive?  


Women Supporting Women ... it's a sisterhood!


Trying to get ahead in business, your personal life or just trying to get through the day... sometimes we just need to know we're understood - and not looking to be "fixed" - Women helping Women breeds confidence, sustainability and strength.

Rise Up by Andra Day

Underdog by Alicia Keys

A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

Firework by Katy Perry

Try by Pink


Everyone has to have something to believe in, and Unplugged is no exception.  We couldn't just sit by and not actually think of "just ourselves" now could we?  We support many things, but the one closest to our heart is Together We Own It.  It's a program that works with at risk kids to break the cycle and move forward by engaging in positive activities, inspiring peers and motivating others to be the best they can be. 

If you want "one more way" to give back, are an empty nester and can help mentor a child that could use your time, commit to our new form of Social Engineering... building ways to help kids see their own potential. 


Ask to learn more about our selected program - Together We Own it.

What's on your 2022 Playlist? 
Here are some of my favorites:

Rise Up by Andra Day

Underdog by Alicia Keys

Try by Pink

A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

Choose to Love by Photronique

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